when i see a clothing item i like and check the price tag




Lighters of the Vietnam War

my last name is fox, i love this

So much sass

A U.S. Army nurse carries her gear prior to boarding a plane for transport after being liberated from a Japanese internment camp. She had been a POW for three years. Manila, National Capital Region, Luzon, Philippines. February 1945. Image taken by Carl Mydans.

You are tall! I'm the small one,I'm 160cm more o less T_T


French people say “Tout ce qui est petit est mignon” (which roughly means “small is cute”) :)

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  • france: ten
  • france: twenty
  • france: thirty
  • france: forty
  • france: fifty
  • france: sixty
  • france:
  • france:
  • france: sixty ten
  • world: france what are you do—
  • france: four twenties
  • world: france stop it
  • france: four twenties ten
  • world: france that doesn't even make any sense
  • france:
  • france:
  • france:
  • world:
  • france:
  • world:
  • france: hundred.
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"When you dress like that it’s like putting a steak in front of a dog; what do you expect?"
Peanut butter is basically my dog’s favorite thing in the world.
You know why she’s not even touching it?
I said “no.”
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